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Quality & Certifications

At PWB , we are committed to delivering a service that exceeds the expectations of our clients. We are entirely confident of our ability to achieve and maintain high standards, thanks to our proven and ISO 9001 certified Integrated Quality Assurance System. There are three key elements to this system:

Quality Assurance
We recognise that the standard of our service is important for both the employees and the customers of our clients. We monitor the standard of our performance and conduct regular quality audits. This process measures the standards we achieve against the prescribed KPI's and is used to detail and monitor the actions taken to improve standards, and correct non-conformance.

Customer Perception Review
Based on the concept of expectation versus perceived performance, our PWB Customer Perception Review considers all key aspects affecting customer satisfaction - such as reliability, contract management, communication and responsiveness, as well as cleaning standards. These reviews are carried out with a client representative, at an agreed frequency.
All results and any relevant customer feedback are analysed and service improvements carried out where necessary. The overall results are reported to the client.

PWB has a clear and auditable Non Conformance Process that ensures a timely resolution for any customer issue raised. As part of our Standard Operating Procedures for our Services, Customer Complaint Forms are logged in a Complaints Register and then rectified using Corrective Action Requests.