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Managing data and information relating to buildings and physical assets is becoming more complex and time consuming. Development in technologies and applications is showing no sign of slowing and ever increasing amounts of data are being communicated and transmitted continuously through a multitude of systems and applications.

The increase in use of mobile devices with instant messaging and web based applications bypasses corporate attempts to manage data. Individuals now experience immediate access to general information daily and expect to access business information with equal speed, if not in real time.

In the sphere of the built environment and facilities management various stakeholders are accumulating vast amounts of data, much of it unstructured and difficult to re-use to any real effect. Both asset owners and suppliers struggle to provide accurate, timely and relevant information across a plethora of available technology applications.

In terms of the whole life cycle of a facility, information is produced from the very first concept of design through operational life-cycle and change phases to decommissioning. Very often information, and even systems, are lost through changes of ownership and responsibility, and data is often unnecessarily reproduced or replicated several times over. Much management time is lost in this perpetual process and the high cost of inefficiency is mostly overlooked.

Technologies and applications are also often abandoned due to ineffective use and application, or lack of support or technical skills within an organisation, creating waste in time and money and/or failure to deliver the expected returns on IT investment.

There is growing acceptance of ‘Cloud Computing’ and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) within corporate organisations, which allows seamless collaboration amongst owners and their professional advisers and suppliers engaged in delivering and operating built assets, or facilities. Given this background, OCS & Agents4RM has identified a need to establish a bureau service to manage ‘information assets’ on behalf of our clients.

We offer a truly global and non-territorial bureau service which delivers the following benefits:
• Secure professional management of data in a structured repository
• All data types accommodated
• Fully web-enabled (no software applications required by clients)
• Comprehensive document and data on-line retrieval with ‘cybrarian’ assistance
• Secure, role based and approved user log in
• Consistent classification of data and filing protocol
• User uploading facility and version control of files and documents
• Fully integrated Facilities Management and Help Desk functions (local to global)
• Collaborative tools for project partners and supply chain management