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Home Care

Today we live in a world where hygiene is not just a necessity but also a pre-requisite for existence. After all cleanliness implies healthy living, and we're here to help you manage and maintain the big blocks of your life which make your home spotless.

Our incessant effort is to give you the benefit of a professional team that conforms to stringent cleaning standards supported with latest technology, efficient work systems and value added services.

Specialized Services

• Carpet shampooing

• Upholstery shampooing

• Marble polishing

• Burnishing and buffing of floors

• Spring cleaning, which includes:
- Mechanical scrubbing of entire floor space
- Deep cleaning of electrical fittings and fixtures
- 'Spotting' of all horizontal and vertical surfaces
- Vacuuming of upholstery, mattresses, carpets and dhurries
- 'Buffing' of all wooden furniture
- Glass cleaning with specialized equipment and detergent
- Cleaning of all exhaust fans, fans, grills, etc.
- 'Sanitzation' of toilets
- Disinfecting and 'de-scaling' of toilet bowls
- Polishing of sanitary ware.